Osceola County Emergency Management

Osceola County Emergency Management Department

(231) 832-6172          PO Box 25, Reed City, MI  49677

August 2016

Emergency Management Center

The Emergency Management Center is the primary coordinating facility for major emergencies and disasters. During such an event, critical officials activate the emergency operations center to utilize its capabilities in coordinating the responsibilities assigned in the Osceola County Emergency Operations Plan.



The Osceola County Health And Services Building was officially opened in 2006 to house the Osceola County offices of Central Michigan District Health Department, Building Inspector, Soil/Sedimentation, and the Emergency Management Center.  In addition to its primary purpose of being the jurisdiction’s emergency operations center, the Emergency Management Center is designed to support all aspects of emergency services program elements including training, exercising, public education, and program administration.  The layout was designed by the local emergency management staff based on research of over 50 other EOC floor plans.


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